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All of the products in our Mystery Boxes are Brand New and freshly made! Our boxes DO NOT contain used, damaged or broken items… so our Mystery boxes are suitable for gifts, getting a variety of great products and having some fun opening Mystery Boxes!

The Mystery Box

  • This Mystery Box features: Women's Beauty Hair care, skincare, & body care. The Total value of the items you will receive from this box have a guaranteed Minimum MSRP Value of $250 but the items could have a maximum value of up to $500 or any amount in between $250-$500! and all items are Brand new and freshly made.

    This Beauty box contains items from some the following categories: Shampoo & Conditioner, Facial Wash, Facial Moisturizer, Exfoliate Gloves, Body Butter, Body Scrub, Bath Tea, Hair, Body & Pillow Spray, Candle, Hand band, Nail Polish, and more. Our Mystery Boxes do NOT have duplicate items in them, all items are different!

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