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At SweetHead Naturals we believe that the addition of hair extensions can transform your look entirely – enhancing volume, length and even adding dashes of colour.


Whether you dream of big, bouncy, or vibrant tresses, more manageable locks, our team of hair extension specialists are here to ensure that all your hair desires become a reality.


We offer three different  methods of hair extension applications for a diversity of hair types. It is imperative that you have your hair extensions installed by a trained professional, as poor application can result in damage to the hair and scalp. With our expertise and vast knowledge, you are in safe hands.

Hair Extensions – how does it work?

The ‘weaving’ technique is an incredibly versatile and protective form of hair extension application. This trusted method has been around for centuries, and includes sewing on wefted hair extensions to your natural hair once braided. Weaving is a discreet method of applying additional hair. Your new hair only truly begins to take form once it has been installed. It is important that your new weave is cut, blended and styled by your SweetHead Naturals stylist

The beauty of a weave is that, once installed, you have the power to select what style is best suited to your complexion and face shape.


It is not hard to see why celebrities are all fans of the weave – a fantastic, pain-free way of trying out different styles and hair colours, as well as keeping up with the latest hair trends such as ombré and balayage. Some other benefits of weaves include:


  • Natural finish

  • Add length

  • Add volume

  • Can wash/style as normal

  • Can promote natural hair growth

Micro Venting Weave


This unique hair extension installation, is the ideal protective style if

you desired to have absolutely no hair left out with a natural looking finish, no closure, no lace front, no crochet braids, no glue and worry free workouts. This is the hair extension installation for you. Natural looking hair extensions, with very little to no at home maintenance.

Crochet Braids : Latch & Hook Technique. This is a great protective style. This installation can last up to 2 months.


Do you recommend any specific type of hair?


We do, however, strongly recommend that you invest in a high quality 100% human hair weft, in order to achieve the most natural looking, long lasting and safest results possible. Our experts can offer you advice and offer you help with our hair selection.


How should I care for my extensions?

You should treat your new tresses with care like you would your own hair and avoid the over-use of heat and  styling tools.


Extensions Do’s

  • Always detangle the hair before applying any water on your extensions

  • Use a heat protector when heat styling your weave

  • Tie your weave with a silk scarf when you sleep to maintain the hair so that it continues to look amazing

  • You can perform a deep conditioning treatment on your extensions every 4 weeks

  • Remember to make sure the cornrows under the extensions are completely dry after you have shampooed your weave as this may cause your own hair to tangle and get matted

  • If you color your hair, especially using bleach or a permanent colour, make sure you perform a deep conditioning treatment afterwards to get the hair back to its natural silky texture.


Extensions Don’ts

  • Although you can shampoo the extensions, excessive shampooing may cause the hair to dry out .

  • When heat styling, make sure the tools you are using are not too hot as this will cause damage to the hair (remember to treat your virgin hair extensions as you would your own hair)

  • Don’t color the hair too frequently, as this will reduce the life span of your weave. It will start to dry out and shed just as your own hair would

  • Don’t wear your weave for longer than 8 weeks, as this will cause damage to your own hair and, in particular, the hair line.

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