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Natural hair is beautiful and for those  with naturally curly hair, we have many styling services, treatments and home hair care products that will ensure your hair look and feel amazing.


Benefits of Naturally Curly Hair

We are often never happy with our natural hair texture. Those with straight hair wish it was curly and we know that many of our clients with natural hair want their hair to be straight.


For those natural beauties who have accepted their natural hair texture and have made the best of their curly hair texture, it is still vitally important to maintain regular appointments with your stylist to keep a close eye on the health of your hair and scalp.

There are many advantages of natural and curly textured hair including;


  • Natural curly textured hair is more healthier

  • Non-relaxed hair is strong, durable, more nutrient dense, sheds less and grows faster.

  • Stronger natural and textured hair withstand more styling options such as braiding and twists.

  • The weather won’t necessarily ruin a naturally curly hair style

  • More styling options – curly one day and blow dried/flat ironed straight the next

  • Less time spent styling day to day

  • Less visits to the salon

Transitioning from relaxed hair to your natural hair texture

SweetHead Naturals stylists realizes that many clients wish to make the change and navigate their previously relaxed hair back to a natural curly state.


Understanding that this process can require some professional help, we offer a transitioning service for clients who wish to go from relaxed hair to natural hair, or for those who wish to silk press their hair occasionally.


If you would like some styling options for your naturally curly hair or transitioning options please BOOK ONLINE TODAY FOR A CONSULTATION.

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