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Lawanda Brooks, an Award Winning License Cosmetologist, Entrepreneur, Educator, Author and Cosmetic Chef. She has worked diligently to master the of art specializing in all textures of Hair. A Healthy Hair Care Specialist, a natural in Precision Haircuts, Color Specialist and Hair Extensionist .


I have been an educator for 18+years for some of the most premium professional hair care lines on the market and with over 39 years of experience in the salon business. However, to my late grandfather I was just plain "Sweet Head", as a child he would say, " Sweet Head" I will pay you a nickel to massage my head". This would put him to sleep after a long day's work. Thanks to my grandfather, for early childhood training. : )

​​INSPIRATION: Being aware to choose natural beauty products, reduces the risk of harmful health issues? Each product with harmful toxins in them you cut from your beauty care regimen decreases the chemicals to which you're exposed.


Mom is a breast cancer survivor twice and my dad died of liver cancer. Upon learning about harmful toxic chemicals in hair relaxers, hair color, and ordinary shampoos are link to serious health issues. This prompt me to a lifestyle change, I stop using and performing chemical straighter and toxic hair color.

Also I learned regular exposure to hair dyes, processing agents, and other chemicals used in hair salons and barbershops may increase cancer risk, according to the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), Studies suggest 1 of every 5 hair stylists will suffer from a health issue directly related to their occupation. Now you can understand why I am so passionate about safe beauty care products for me and you.


​I began to research the ingredients of all the products I was using, some of these ingredients was link to cancer, reproductive, neurology problems and many more health issues.


I took a huge leap of faith and stop performing relaxers, perms, and harmful color services in my salon business. Chemical relaxers and hair color services are a large part of the revenue for a salon business.

However, for me these processors are not worth the health and wellness of myself or my clients. Changing to a healthier way we perform salon services will reduce damaging results to our hair, scalp, bodies, health and as well as the environment.


So, I began to create shampoos and conditioners to use on my clients. My clients would ask me what I use for my personal use, when we discuss these issues. I would respond "I make my own", then my clients requested products for me to make for them.


As they say the rest is history : )

Lawanda Brooks
Lawanda Brooks
Lawanda Brooks

Voted One Of The Top Entrepreneurs' In 2018

Lawanda Brooks
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