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If you are new to Sweethead Naturals, you must book a consultation before any service.

Please come with your twists, braids, crochets and any other extensions taken down.
We DO NOT remove long box braids, or micro braids.

All client's must thoroughly comb their hair from scalp to ends ready to be shampoo before scheduled appointment, otherwise an additional detangling charge of $100 will be added to the service.

All services listed are Alcarte

We are a full service and licensed hair salon;


We shampoo our clients, it is the best part for our clients

Please feel free to experience any of our stylists.

No Children Allowed unless being serviced

No Waiting unless being serviced

Our Services are by Appointments Only

Appointments are Booked Online Only

No Walk-ins

We Accept Visa Debit, Visa, and Master card. 

SweetHead Naturals

"Discover the perfect care for your natural hair today! Schedule your personalized consultation with our expert stylists and receive a tailored recommendations to keep your hair healthy and beautiful. Book your appointment now and embrace the beauty of your natural hair!"

Sweethead Naturals Delmar Location

Sweethead Naturals

Delmar Location

8133 Delmar Blvd.


Sweethead Naturals Florissant Location

Sweethead Naturals

Florissant Location

1783 N. New Florissant Rd


Sweethead Naturals Location

Lawanda Brooks Creative Director

"Current Clients Only"
Address given on booking confirmation

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