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Retail Relationship

We love partnering with salons, spas, wellness practices that are bringing new ideas for better health. Join us and watch your business grow.


As a part of our network, your business will find education and inspiration for staff, business-building and a conscious brand.


Through our years of experience, we’ve developed a amazing salon, spa, or retail concept experience  that ensure a successful working relationship built for long-term growth and unparalleled value for our partners. We partner with like-minded individuals that share our passion for making a difference in the world!


SweetHead Natural’s vision for inspiring healthy beauty through hair, skin, bath & body products is growing. Our Founder Lawanda Brooks is very excited about the opportunity to offer our unique products, concept and retail experience to your salon or spa. The future is about natural, health, wellness and quality natural safe  products.


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If you feel you are looking to grow your salon or spa business that integrates health and wellness into one experience, our concept may be right for you. Please fill in the preliminary information below.  It will be a highly selective process and only those individuals or businesses that fit our brand requirements will be considered.  Thank you for loving our products and supporting our brand.

Lawanda Brooks

In ServIce To Make A Difference

Private Labeling  & Contract Manufacturing

For your very own brand recognition and high profit structure!

Selling private label natural hair care products as opposed to branded lines has a lot of benefits for growing your business.  For example, you can buy branded lines almost anywhere nowadays.  Especially those products claiming to be natural. So if you decide to sell a branded line, your clients do not necessarily have to come back to you for their products.  However, if you brand your own line – your clients have no option other than to return to you for their favorite hair care product.  And as such, private label hair care brings you constant reorders.

We have the experience and ability to manufacture your product. Whether it is a private label using our existing formulas or creating a customized formula for your  business.Take advantage of our expertise and purchasing power. We're a small business catering to other small businesses.We have a food grade commercial manufacturing facility. If you are ever in the area, we'd be happy to give you a tour. Our formulas have withstood the test of time. We've been using and producing the natural products for over 7 years to well known salons and retailers. Sorry we can't mix and tell ; )

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We specialize in manufacturing cosmetics and sourcing packaging. We do not specialize in label design or printing.  We will give you some labeling ideas and resources.

We can make a custom an exclusive scent, that is one of our specialty. We have access to a large variety of options.Please use the contact form below to explore the possibility of a private label or contract manufacturing relationship with SweetHead Naturals. We look forward to working with you! 

Lawanda Brooks

In Service To Make A Difference


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