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Loc Extensions


Loc extensions are a nice way to make your locs appear longer and skip the awkward short phase where it’s difficult to style your hair. Loc extensions are for any race, length or texture of hair.

They can be made from human hair, from synthetic hair or you may have some that need to be reattached. Human hair is more expensive, but it is lighter and locks up more similarly to your own hair. Synthetic hair is cheaper, but it is heavier than human hair.

Human hair extensions can usually be bleached and/or colored, but synthetic hair cannot be dyed or altered in color at all.




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 Loc extensions are also for anyone who already has dreadlocks and wants them longer or thicker at the root. Your hair must be approximately 2-3 inches long. This process is permanent, and no one will be able to tell that they are extensions. Locs will soften up over time.


The process of loc extensions includes adding natural hair to create each loc individually by hand.  They can be any width and length you wish. You may also choose a variety of additional colors that we carry, adding colors like blond or auburn to the entire loc or tips to create a highlight effect for your individual look. Remember, once we add hair it will be permanent. Within 4-6 weeks, the hair that is added intertwines with your natural hair. 

We give steps and guidelines to clients to follow so that your locs are healthy, strong, and natural looking for life.

You can wash, style, and go along with your life as normal with loc extensions. There’s absolutely no additional hair needed afterwards. You don't need to give your locs any special treatment because they were started with extensions. For More Information.

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