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All Hands In

We Need Your Hand. 

Curls For A Cause is SweetHead Natural's registered 501(c)(3) non-profit, Curls For a Cause help women in different hardships. As a salon wellness retailer, we believe in inspiring healthy beauty. We have also made it no secret of our love for natural hair and our stand on discrimination since 2000. Hairstyles associated with African Americans — cornrows, afros, dreadlocks, braids, curls, waves and kinks, — have long been used to rationalize discriminatory policies, dress codes and hiring practices. It is still legal in most places to ban natural hairstyles.
We use profits from SweetHead Naturals ® product purchases, to fund, women going through cancer, domestic violence and family hardships. We also help fund other groups such as THE CROWN ACT that provides protection in workplaces and schools against discrimination in hairstyles, which has passed in only three states. It’s pending in 22, including Missouri and Illinois. 
Every purchase you make goes toward these issues in need, and we are honored to make sure your dollars stretch farther than the products you buy and enjoy personally. 

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