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Sweethead Naturals C.A.R.E Foundation was founded in 2013 by Lawanda Brooks to support a dear and close friend who was challenged with breast cancer. Both of Lawanda’s parents were also challenged with cancer in the past - her mother is a breast cancer survivor twice and her dad died of liver cancer.


Lawanda’s heart was grieved by the huge financial burden this brought on her loved ones and the loss of her dad. As a result, supporting those who are faced with the devastating impacts of cancer has become a heartfelt mission of Lawanda’s - to support at least one individual a year through the challenges that come with battling this horrific disease.

Sweethead Naturals C.A.R.E Foundation is committed to active involvement in philanthropic endeavors that strive to make a difference in the community as well as the world in a heartfelt way, by caring for people and supporting local charities. Knowing we play a vital part in bringing out the best in people brings out the best in us. Giving to those within our community is one of our greatest assets and we want to set an example of generosity for others, so together we can impact our Community, bring Awareness, and provide Resources for Everyone.


“In Service To Make A Difference”, quote by Lawanda Brooks, founder.

Every year Sweethead Naturals C.A.R.E. Foundation provides financial support for a nominated recipient challenged with cancer. Additionally, as part of our C.A.R.E. for the community initiative, the Foundation also makes financial contributions to missions and programs that are directly aligned with our philanthropic priorities such as:


  • The Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Center (N.A.R.C.) is to help woman overcome emotional and psychological abuse caused by domestic violence and narcissistic abuse.


  • ·THE CROWN ACT provides protection in workplaces and schools against discrimination in natural hairstyles.


  • Bricks We Lay Fund at Sweethead Naturals Institute the school of Natural Beauty Wellness is a private independent school our students pay out of pocket for their tuition. We find when students have to pay out of pocket, students are more serious about their education. For some it can be a struggle financially.


  • Beauty Boot Camp For Girls a summer camp experience for GIRLS ages 12-16. This camp for GIRLS is designed to build confidence and self -esteem in wearing their natural hair. While learning the basics of natural hair care, skincare, and nail care.


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