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This Bundle Includes:

8oz Hair & Scalp Shampoo- Hair & Scalp Therapy Shampoo – Coffee revitalize thinning hair, and strengthens the hair shaft, contains caffeine to help stimulate weak hair follicles and protect against hair loss. For fine or thin hair.


8oz Hair & Scalp Therapy Conditioner – Softens and hydrate dry hair. A special of herbal extracts to stimulate scalp circulation, helps thicken and restore, hair follicles.


8oz Hair & Scalp Therapy Pomade - This wonder pomade is made with Saw Palmetto Berries synergizes to combat DHT, the root cause of most hair loss condition. Encourages new hair growth by nourishing the scalp and hair naturally. Stimulates circulation in the scalp. The amazing benefits will strengthen, moisturize, rapidly stimulate hair growth, thicken hair that is thinning and repair or prevent hair damage


6oz Restore Oil: This powerful unique blend of specialty oils and herbs will bring your hair and scalp back to life with this a blend of key ingredients known for their amazing healing properties for dramatic growth results for longer, stronger and healthier hair.



Thinning Hair Therapy Bundle

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