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This bundle includes:


FFK Shampoo & Body Wash - This 2in1 formula is designed to rejuvenate the hair follicles‚ which will stimulate, exfoliate and regenerate cell growth for a healthy scalp This formula contains tea tree oil, making it a perfect body cleanser to remove impurities as well as excess oils from the skin of your entire body.


FFK Moist Conditioner- This very concentrated conditioner literally begins to melts away those tangles when applied, adding moisture, smoothness, and reduces frizz.


FFK Body Lotion- This rich crème Relieves dry skin with this all natural hand and body lotion. Made with pure concentrated plant butters, oils and essentials that absorb quickly for maximum results and instant deep soothing comfort.


FFK Candle - This masculine aroma is great for any sex.  Our unique natural soy candle serves a dual purpose. Comprised of natural, clean burning soy, it radiates a fragrantly beautiful scent and enchanting glow while also serving as a soothing massage balm to create magical, romantic moments to savor and remember.

Fit For A King Bundle

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